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Marysue Jacobs, the Broker for Destiny International Properties Inc. has been one of the TOP REAL ESTATE Brokers  in Wellington, FL for 34 years, offering the most competitive incentives, with a PROVEN track record of success. Jacobs and the Destiny International Properties team have a very successful 4.5 percent commission rate with 24-hour service, seven days a week and a long list of references from very satisfied clients.

“I have had the good fortune to have Marysue sell our farm in Wellington for $6.5 million in less than 3 months. As a result, all of my expectations were measurably surpassed prior to contract, after contract, and most importantly, after sale,” Larry Steinbaum expressed. “In all my involvements in real estate transactions, and I’ve had many, never have I been contractually engaged with a professional realtor having her defining character, wisdom, honesty and ability. Both my wife and I recommend Marysue Jacobs without reservation. Thank YOU, Marysue!”

“We do what all the large franchises promise, even better, for a lot less money. We put more profit in our clients’ pockets,” Jacobs stated.

“People often wonder how we can offer only a 4.5% commission and be so successful. We do not have a fancy office, instead, we spend that money on our clients with extensive national and international advertising, as well as providing our clients with the 24/7 attention they deserve. With nearly 34 years of experience, this is the formula for success. We offer the other brokers the lion’s share of the commission, so we cooperate with everyone and encourage others to bring in their buyers.”